“I like Stillwell Ave Prep because it is unique and different from other pre-schools. The curriculum is put together by Educationalist and is geared and shaped to suit the personal needs of each child”    - Jean

“My child enjoys the structure in the Learning Centers. She decided to be a chef because of the cooking experiences she received at the ‘House Keeping Center”    - Sarah

“I like Stillwell Ave Prep because of the multi-cultural diversity of children and teachers. My child mingled with and appreciated other children who looked different, spoke differently and shared a different culture. I think that this experience is not only preparing my child for life in society but is molding him to be tolerable of differences.”    - Lee Chen

“I am sending my child to Stillwell Ave Prep school because it came highly recommended by friends. The curriculum is child-centered and structured to provide for the personal need of each child. I am convinced that my child is receiving a firm foundation which is so crucial to her future education learning”    - Nancy

“Every Christmas my sons looked forward to showing their artistic skills at the grand Christmas concerts. They participate in drama, poetry, song, and dance to the delight of parents and grandparents”    - Vickie

"I have been employed at the Stillwell Prep School since May 2010 and have enjoyed being a part of this institution as it has created and still creates for me the opportunities to transform my professional career as an educator. What I enjoy most is that we are more of a family than just a work organization and as such, the administration empowers us as well as enables me by providing necessary resources such as time and finance to improve the quality of service I produce in educating early childhood children"    - Janet